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HKD  //  Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics of the Croatian Library Association

Code of Ethics of the Croatian Library Association defines basic principles of behaviour that oblige members of the library profession.

The Code should present principles of professional behaviour to new members of the profession, remind experienced librarians of their professional responsibility to the public and confirm the confidence of the public in the profession.

The Croatian Library Association calls upon library staff to follow the principles stated in the Code:

1. The supreme level of professional performance in conformance with related international and national professional standards to the purpose of advancing library activities.
2. Development and preservation of intellectual freedoms of individuals and protection of basic democratic principles of the wider social community.
3. Respect for the right to knowledge and uninhibited access to information for all.
4. Availability of different information resources for all types of library users.
5. Respect for copyright.
6. Respect for the privacy of library user.
7. Protection and promotion of national and the world's heritage.

Librarians provide for the implementation of the basic principles through professional activities, particularly advocating the following:

  • equal access to information for all users, irrespective of their individual characteristics, special needs and disabilities, gender, national affiliation, religious affiliation, political orientation and social standing
  • professional judgement, free of political, moral or religious prejudice or material interest
  • confrontation and rejection of any form of censorship
  • respect for rights to users' personal privacy and anonymity
  • continuing professional education and lifelong learning
  • professional involvment in educational, research and cultural life of its community
  • cooperation and loyalty to members of the same and other professions
  • preserving status, dignity and integrity of the profession.

The Croatian Library Association ensures for its members full support in implementing the Code, providing appropriate protection in applying the principles of the Code.

As laid down by the Statutes of the Croatian Library Association, the Ethical Board is in charge of the Code's implementation and respect for it.

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